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24 July 2012 | Pajaro Dunes Blog | Tags:

Pajaro Dunes is today the most important tourist place for a number of people. It is majorly popular for the kind of accommodation, prices and services it offers to every person who comes at their door. The prices are set and have been mentioned on the website for people to view before they call the company. But apart from all these factors, a tourist place can only be successful only if it has good attractions around itself and Pajaro Dunes rentals have all these factors with it.

The major attractions that are around the area are Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Monterey Bay Aquarium which is one of the best in town, Gilroy Gardens with a theme park for children, Roaring Camp Railroads, Santa Cruz Wharf and Monterey Wharf. There are mainly 3 shopping centers that can be visited for all kinds of shopping. If you go through all these, you will get everything you might have wished for. They are namely, Capitola-by-the-sea-mall, Del Monte Center and Carmel Plaza. Other than these essential attractions, it has 8 popular wineries like Alexander Cellars, Bargetto, Natal vineyards, Hunter Hill Vineyard etc. Sometimes it is seen that people like to taste different cuisines or just have a change of environment by having a meal outside the hotel. If you have such a wish as well, try any of the 9 popular restaurants around the area. There are 9 golf courses for people who love sports or just playing golf. So, contact Pajaro Dunes and have the finest vacation today!

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