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Have you been thinking of going out for a vacation? Is your target a beach resort? Before you do all this, have you thought about the most essential things that you should be keeping in mind? Well, we are here to guide you about what are the key points that one should beware of or take notice of. Do not book a resort in a hurry, first work out a budget and the number of days you want to spend. After this, check out all the reputed resorts in the area and enlist the ones that fit your budget. Many accommodations have different rate lists for holidays. If your vacation is going to be on a holiday, make sure you check the correct lists or call the office before bookings.

Once you are done with this, make enquirers about the best attractions surrounding the area. If you are have already done that, have a look at the distance from the respective resorts, since traveling costs might take you up for surprise. The next aspect that has to be kept in mind is the rooms. At beaches especially, rooms and their cleanliness should be a major aspect. If you cannot see the sea from your room or get the sand out in time, what is the use of going to a beach? Pajaro Dunes is one vacation rental place that has made sure that every customer that comes to them gets all these benefits. Pajaro Dunes Rentals can be completely relied on whether it is the affordable prices, quality of the rooms or accessibility to the attractions.

Attractions Shopping Centers

Pajaro Dunes is today the most important tourist place for a number of people. It is majorly popular for the kind of accommodation, prices and services it offers to every person who comes at their door. The prices are set and have been mentioned on the website for people to view before they call the company. But apart from all these factors, a tourist place can only be successful only if it has good attractions around itself and Pajaro Dunes rentals have all these factors with it.

The major attractions that are around the area are Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Monterey Bay Aquarium which is one of the best in town, Gilroy Gardens with a theme park for children, Roaring Camp Railroads, Santa Cruz Wharf and Monterey Wharf. There are mainly 3 shopping centers that can be visited for all kinds of shopping. If you go through all these, you will get everything you might have wished for. They are namely, Capitola-by-the-sea-mall, Del Monte Center and Carmel Plaza. Other than these essential attractions, it has 8 popular wineries like Alexander Cellars, Bargetto, Natal vineyards, Hunter Hill Vineyard etc. Sometimes it is seen that people like to taste different cuisines or just have a change of environment by having a meal outside the hotel. If you have such a wish as well, try any of the 9 popular restaurants around the area. There are 9 golf courses for people who love sports or just playing golf. So, contact Pajaro Dunes and have the finest vacation today!

Find Luxury Vacation Packages

Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals is one place that has the maximum number of visitors all-round the year. Due to the extraordinary services and facilities, it is not just popular but also a desirable location for a family. If you and your family are planning a holiday to the Pajaro Dunes Rentals, the best advice would be to contact them and book yourself with them rather than dropping by unannounced. Pajaro Dunes rentals have very few vacant places, thus it is best to call them at 408-736-8257 and register everything.

From the number of people and the rooms to the meals, one should book everything to play on the safe side and to be sure that you would enjoy the vacation at every end. In case you haven’t been able to call, email them and inform them about your plans at You can also send a letter to request confirmation at P.O. Box 41184, San Jose, CA-95076. All these ways are a surety that the provisions would be made for your welcome and in case arrangements cannot be made, you would be informed at once.

The enquiry form on the website is another reliable means to get a confirmed booking at the Pajaro Dunes vacation rentals. You have to add your name, city, zip, email id, address, state, phone number, comments and the type of request and your request will surely be heard. The last resort is to check the availability of dates through the online reservation form. Just add your desired check in and check out time and you would know if there would be suitable accommodation for you or not.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Pajaro Dunes

Pajaro Dunes is located on the isolated shores of Monterey Bay coast spreading over one and a half miles along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It is the perfect place where one will find oneself in the company of nature. The scenic beauty defines itself its worth in the landscape of Pajaro Dunes. The marvelous and breathtaking scenario defines the real bliss of Mother Nature in its tranquility. It is an amazing gated community with a blend of cottages, beachfront condominiums and estate homes.

The luxurious house, Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals, is less than 30 yards away from the beach. The four bedroom rental house at Pajaro Dunes offers an unobstructed 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean from Monterey Bay to Santa Cruz. Well equipped with modern amenities and exquisite furnishings, the rental house provides friendly and comfortable services, maintained at its finest and excellent order.  And what makes Pajaro Dunes Rentals, House 117 different from all other condos is the luxury accommodation accompanied by home-like comforts.

Pajaro Dunes is one of the best places for family outings or a cozy romantic retreat. Whether your stay is a brief one or a long break, our pajaro dunes rentals provides you with all the required amenities. The house is well-designed and furnished with granite counters in the kitchen and in the bathrooms.

Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals offers best packages for vacation home in Pajaro Dunes. There are special packages offered for business trip, family vacation or a romantic escapade.  So whether you are here for a business meeting or to spend some marvelous time with your loved ones, we are here to cater to all your needs.

Finding a Pajaro Dunes vacation rental could have never been easier.  Visit us at to check out our specials.

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Friendly Vacation Rentals

A perfect holiday in a unique coastal environment would be the best place on earth for a scintillating break. What say? Well, there could be no other place more sophisticated and more amusing than the Pajaro Dunes. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and dunes on one side and the Pajaro rivers and Watsonville wetlands on the other side, this coastal area gives you an opportunity to explore, enjoy and relax. The changing landscape is one of the major attractions that encourage occasional visitors. There is no greater joy than enjoying coastal wildlife right from your comfort zone. Pajaro Dunes is a cloistered community with diverse architecture that is located in between Santa Cruz and the Monterey Peninsula, spanning over an area of 1 ½ miles.

To spice up your stay here and to make you feel at home, there are a number of Pajaro Dunes Rentals which provides comfort, friendly service and convenience. Depending on how long you will stay and your budget, you can even rent a beach home or a condominium and make your base camp to experience the natural beauty. Among the hundreds of Pajaro Dunes Rentals, the Pajaro dunes vacation rental House 117 is unique and provides you with homely atmosphere. The vacation rental is located at the perfect location from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing sunset along with the breath taking scenic view. Experience the true aura of nature in a completely natural ambience at your very own Pajora Dunes House 117.

At Pajaro Dunes, anyone on any budget can find room varying from a simple room with a single bed to luxurious master suites depending on your purpose of visit and the length of your stay. For family vacation, business trip, a reunion, business meeting or a group retreat, renting a delightful beach house or condo dunes is the best way to experience “joie de vivre”. Whats more! It is also the perfect hideaway for a romantic escapade for couples during weekends.  Contact us to rent the best Pajaro Dunes Rentals at the best affordable price and enjoy our best healthful services.

The Pajaro Dunes Vacations Rentals House 117 is one of the best well-furnished condos with granite counters in the kitchen and bathroom. It offers much more value than a traditional hotel room. Besides the cable TV and high speed wireless internet access, this three storey home has been renovated with new furniture, recessed lighting throughout the rentals and appliances to cater the needs to cater the needs of our guests and to make them feel at home. You will treasure the scenic beauty of the full ocean view that you will get to see from your window.

The Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals have been beautifully designed to coalesce with the harmonious natural landscape, which embellishes the view and serves as the perfect center of admiration. Pajaro Dunes, indeed, is an overwhelming macrocosm for a perfect holiday that provides a marvelous sight to onlookers. Being here and thereafter, the only thing that will cross your mind is the picturesque view. And all you would do is nothing but exclaim, “Voila!! This is what I have always wanted.”

Contact us to rent the best Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rental at the best affordable price and enjoy the best of our hospitality.

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Book Lavish resort vacation

Pajaro Dunes is a pristine beach that overlooks Monterey Bay, California. The location is within 25 miles of world renowned vacation destinations, resort towns, golf courses and state parks. Covering an area of about 1 1/2 miles, it is situated half way in between Santa Cruz and the Monetary Peninsula. It is a cloistered, gated community with beautiful beaches along the central coastline of California. The cynosure of all eyes at this mind blowing beach are the  Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals . These pajaro dunes rentals are beautifully designed to blend the natural landscape harmoniously. It is indeed one of the most scenic stretches of California’s central coastline.

Breathtaking  views from Santa Cruz to Montery, coupled with the 180 degree view of the pacific ocean can be experienced from our Pajaro Dunes Rental. Here, at our very own Pajaro Dunes Rental house, you will be provided with luxury accommodations along with home like comforts including your own kitchen, cable television and other modern amenities. Apart from these unique features, you can also avail yourself  the added benefit of  paying second row rates for first row views. Our condos also offer the best special vacation packages for family vacation, business trip and couples.

There are a hundreds of Pajaro Dunes Rentals available but why choose Parajo Dunes House 117?  Our Pajaro Dunes house stand apart from other vacation rentals at Montery bay. At our homely Pajaro Dunes house, you will be able to rest, relax and revitalize yourself while enjoying the breathtaking scenic beauty of this natural paradise. Also, you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Montery Bay from our Vacation Rental. With the granite counters in the kitchen and the bathrooms, we offer one of the best well-furnished condos.

Pajaro Dunes is the perfect location for a family vacation, business trip, an ideal group retreat, a romantic weekend, a reunion, wedding site or enjoying a honeymoon. You can enjoy the Santa Cruz Broadwalk, Monterey Bay Aquarium, central coast wineries and world famous golf courses. Pajaro Dunes offers the perfect setting for corporate meetings and all sorts of gatherings in a completely natural ambience and allows you to experience the true aura of nature with the sun, the sand and the sound of the sea.

Some of the major tourist attractions are the historic Cannery Row, Pebble Beach and Pelican point. Monterey Bay has a very rich fauna. Sitting right in your living room, you can watch the sea otters and the California gray whales. You can even take a walk around the lagoon or feed the waterfowl. With all these delightful sights, you can have the vacation experiences of a lifetime. Last but not the least, without a trip to the picturesque Carmel, the residence of the world renowned artist; your stay would be incomplete.

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