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Stunning Beach Homes

Have you been thinking of going out for a vacation? Is your target a beach resort? Before you do all this, have you thought about the most essential things that you should be keeping in mind? Well, we are here to guide you about what are the key points that one should beware of or [...]

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Pajaro Dunes is today the most important tourist place for a number of people. It is majorly popular for the kind of accommodation, prices and services it offers to every person who comes at their door. The prices are set and have been mentioned on the website for people to view before they call the [...]

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Pajaro Dunes Vacation Rentals is one place that has the maximum number of visitors all-round the year. Due to the extraordinary services and facilities, it is not just popular but also a desirable location for a family. If you and your family are planning a holiday to the Pajaro Dunes Rentals, the best advice would [...]

Luxury Vacation Rentals Pajaro Dunes

Pajaro Dunes is located on the isolated shores of Monterey Bay coast spreading over one and a half miles along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It is the perfect place where one will find oneself in the company of nature. The scenic beauty defines itself its worth in the landscape of Pajaro Dunes. The [...]

Friendly Vacation Rentals

A perfect holiday in a unique coastal environment would be the best place on earth for a scintillating break. What say? Well, there could be no other place more sophisticated and more amusing than the Pajaro Dunes. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and dunes on one side and the Pajaro rivers and Watsonville wetlands on [...]

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Pajaro Dunes is a pristine beach that overlooks Monterey Bay, California. The location is within 25 miles of world renowned vacation destinations, resort towns, golf courses and state parks. Covering an area of about 1 1/2 miles, it is situated half way in between Santa Cruz and the Monetary Peninsula. It is a cloistered, gated [...]